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Therapeutic Massage

Massage is applied to the skin and the muscles under the skin, helping to release physical tension, ease stress and promote relaxation. The effects of the massage spread to the deeper muscles and organs of the body.

Therapeutic massage enhances the circulation of blood and lymph, helping eliminate toxins and bring nourishment to each area of the body and skin. As it soothes and releases muscular stress and tension, it encourages an overall sense of renewed energy and wellbeing. The releasing of physical tension through therapeutic touch also has a releasing effect on psychological tension.

Combining the effects of therapeutic massage with the beneficial properties of carrier oils, such as Sweet Almond, Calendula or Jojoba, is a deeply pleasurable, yet highly effective way of healing and enhancing wellbeing in general. These natural oils are chosen according to your skin type and can help enhance the condition of your skin.

The benefits of therapeutic massage are cumulative; as you experience more massage, the feelings of wellbeing are sustained for longer periods of time, between each session.