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Energise – detox body and mind with aromatherapy

With the arrival of spring, we’re waking up and coming out of our winter stasis. At this time many of us take a good look around at our lives and health. We become brighter, more alert, more eager. A certain restlessness sets in as we feel an urge to move, to grow and push out of the darkness.

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January need not be so blue

We’ve all been through some tough times recently. Most people are under significant stress and have been throughout the pandemic and the ensuing financial and

Essential oils for romance - Red rose

Essential oils for romance

With Valentine’s Day imminent, our thoughts turn to romance and love. Essential oils are a wonderful way to add a romantic atmosphere to your Valentine’s evening, or any romantic occasion.

Black Spruce essential oil

Essential oil focus – Black Spruce

Black Spruce (Picea mariana) is a coniferous evergreen tree native to Canada and the northeast of the United States. It’s sometimes labelled ‘Bog Spruce’ or ‘Swamp Spruce’, because it is usually found growing in boggy, swampy areas.

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